Hello world!


Hello! I’m Why Yet and I started this blog because I love words. I love to read books and I love to write. And I have also been told since childhood that I’m always relaying stories. I am excited to share my words with you. I began blogging on blogger.com (Poeticallywyld) but many of my friends suggested I try out wordpress.com, so here I am!

I am a mom of six wonderful children, four teenagers and two toddlers so my hands are full. I am a poet and in the process of re-releasing my first collection of poems, Entangled Hearts. Recently I have been introduced to a wonderful and inspiring woman, Kim Morrow, who invited me to become a part of her BRPP (Blaq Radio with Power and Purpose) Radio family on blogtalk radio. I am now a radio host of BRPP Presents: The Interviewers On Why Yet’s Watch. I get to interview people who are truly working to inspire and inform. My show broadcasts live every Thursday night at 9 pm EST.

I get to spend an hour with interesting people and I ask them questions about what they do. How cool is that? That’s like I get to spend time with you and get to know you. How cool is that? All while taking care of my family. This is like that penny on the sidewalk, “Find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck.”

Family is fun and I enjoy spending time with my family just as much as I enjoy reading and writing. And when you visit more than once, you’re considered family!

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