The Library Is A Treasure Trove

I stopped by my local library this afternoon to return some children’s books. The cool air invited me to look around a little bit. Especially since it was so hot outside, bleh.

So I figure I would search for books about selling on Etsy. You know, like Etsy for Dummies or something of that nature. No such luck, at first.

Tucked between two acrylic painting books I found a book on how to sell handmade items online. Bingo! I silently eased the book off of the shelf, peering around to see whether anyone was watching, and began flipping through the pages.

It felt like heaven. I had the sensation that all of my questions would be answered. That is until I glanced on the shelf across the aisle. My eyes landed on Starting Your Career As A Professional Blogger, by Jacqueline Bodnar. Wow, I can take a hint. So I grabbed this book much faster and decided to make haste for the circulation desk to check out. Once I finish reading this I’ll let you guys know how it is.

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