I Signed Up For NaNoWriMo 2015!

nanowrimoOkay, I accomplished the re-release of my collection of poetry, Entangled Hearts (available on amazon Kindle for $2.99), and signed up for the NaNoWriMo 2015 challenge. To put it mildly, I’m terrified! 50,000 words in thirty days, how do you guys do it?! Is it insanity or is it normal to feel this fearful of writing? I have ideas floating around in my mind but not sure which one will be THE one to write.

How do you guys decide what to write for NaNo? Do you create outlines on your computer/tablet/phone or write them down in a notebook? How do you decide on how many characters go into your story? Character names? Personalities? Quirks? Are you tempted to start writing before hand or do you wait until November 1? Will the story be finished in time? Will there be time to edit or do you wait until NaNo is over to edit? And will it be good? Do you block everything out for thirty days? I will keep you posted on my progress when the challenge starts. Until then…


14 thoughts on “I Signed Up For NaNoWriMo 2015!

  1. I entered it last year and had the outline in my head rather than on paper. I knew the characters and their backstories long before I started writing. In the end, I only created 50,000 words’ worth of a partial draft of a novel rather than a whole novel, but that was fine. As of now, I’ve totally scrapped the project due to limited time constraints and the fact that it was a total piece of rubbish. Good luck with the event though. Whatever methods work best for you – do them all, pre-planning-wise.

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      1. I’d had them planned in my head for ages (they became close enough to be like family to me), and then I used a graphic organizer I’d had to briefly sketch notes down about each of them — very brief though, only enough to trigger elements about their backstories that would be relevant to include during their development in the novel. That wasn’t the hard part for me though — the hardest part I have with anything I write is getting to the climax (which I always know beforehand) , the events leading up to it.

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  2. 😂Hahaha I basically just made a post like this 10 minutes ago. Even though my post was calm and collected, I am actually freaking out! I have all the exact same questions as you do! I have a plot and some characters made out but I am a little lost on to what to do next!

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  3. I’m signed up as well. I will be working on (hopefully) finishing the first draft of my novel, Blood Ties. I don’t outline, I find it that no matter how much I try, it restricts me somehow. I’m kind of an all-over-the-place writer. What I am doing for motivation, however, is linking up with fellow NaNoWriMo writers and creating a little group of writers to support one another, swap ideas and critiques, run writing marathons and basically do write-y stuff (is that even a word?! No…)
    If you’re interested you can check out my site and link up with me on Twitter (all that info is on my site) http://tamararokicki.com/2015/10/nanowrimo-2015/

    Good luck!

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  4. I have usually had a story in mind before I start. Sometimes I begin writing early… especially if the idea is poking at me. My first successful NaNo I actually finished the whole story. The second one I got the word count but didn’t finish the book. Don’t set too many rules for yourself except to try and write every single day and maybe word count goals. If you need an outline, write one. If you don’t no biggie. Just let the words fly on the page. Best of luck!


  5. I wrote 48,000 words in three days during the 3Day Novel Contest. 25,000 words of that was written in a single day. It was totally mind-blowing and beyond worth the experience. I set alarms for 7 hours of sleep each day, hit Snooze only once, bought a full pack of energy drinks, and ate Spaghettios because they were faster. I also started off with an outline, which really helped everything flow. The book I created with that contest has been edited five times now, and is currently out on submission to agents 🙂


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