Listening to Say by John Mayer for NaNo Inspiration

“Even if your hands are shaking. And your faith is broken. Even as your eyes are closing. Do it with a nanowrimoheart wide open. Say what you need to say…”

I try. As best as I can and when I believe it counts. Life is about the little moments that take our breathe away and collectively become big moments that wow and inspire. I love the little moments. Many times my hands were shaking. Many times my faith has been broken. But each time my heart has been wide open and I took that leap. When it comes to using that to fuel my characters I stumble because some of those tender moments are mine. Just for me and I feel selfish keeping them to myself but those moments are precious and priceless. I want to share but at the same time I don’t and that is where I am stuck.

How do you keep your characters separate from yourself and still keep them authentic and true?

“Take out every wasted honor. Every little past frustration. Take out every so called problem. Better put ’em in quotations. Say what you need to say…”

“Walking like a one man army. Fighting with the shadows in your head…”

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