2015 is Coming to a Close!

wine1Another year nearly done and looking back on it, this year has been a wild ride! In January, my stepdaughter threw me a surprise birthday party with all of my sisters, nieces and nephews. In February, my youngest sister invited me to listen to her radio show on blogtalk radio and I loved it.

In March, I became a co-host of the radio show on blogtalk radio and really started having fun. I started writing poetry again, which felt great. In April, I became the host of the radio show on blogtalk radio. In May, I was given my own show on the radio show.



In June, I began interacting with many new people on social media, meeting wonderful people like Eliza David (author of the Cougarette Series, currently on sale for $0.99 on amazon.com until New Year’s day),


Tamika Newhouse (Author and CEO of Delphine Books & Mahogany Red Books), Why A Thug Cant Love Meauthors Monica Jeremie, Mya Kay and Khara Campbell and reunited with old friends like Malcolm Damali Mills (photographer, poet, musician), and Matthias aka Mr. 16 Bars (hip-hop artist, U.S. Army Veteran).



In July, I learned how to set up my shows on blogtalk radio and how to work the switchboard for my radio show, which was named this month, On Why Yet’s Watch. August was an active month for my family. My two youngest children celebrated birthdays and my daughter was registered for pre-K.

September brought in the start of school for my daughter and the beginning of my re-emergence with my writing and career goals. October reconnected me with myself and some friends. yehudi first day of preschool1

November was all about NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving. December is here and goals are dancing like fairies, waiting to be written down and nanowrimoimplemented. With the month and year just about gone I wanted to take this time to reflect on all of my blessing from this year. All in all this was definitely a good year. Everything didn’t go smooth this year and some friends were called home but I am blessed to still have this day to show friends and family how much they mean to me.


Thank you to all of you who follow me and take time out of your busy days to read my thoughts and for those of you who give feedback. Feedback is so important, especially in these wireless, cyber times we live in where physical connections with people may be few and far between. Stay blessed and may your goals come to fruition in the coming year! Happy New Year!


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