Hello, and thank you for stopping in to visit. I am Why Yet. A poet. Not the all black wearing, finger-snapping, moody poet. I am a romantic, life analyzing poet. I analyze my life and the relationships I engage in and write poems to better understand them and myself.

I have two collections of poetry published, Entangled Hearts (BlaqRayn, 2015), and Reflections: Past, Present, Future (Anitbeet Productions, 2018).

I love to help others where I can, when I can so check through often. I enjoy a variety of music, knitting, crocheting, and hanging out with my children. Just not always in that order, haha!

All I ask is that when you encounter a post or two that you enjoy, let me know by liking, leaving a comment and sharing with your friends. When you want to discuss a particular topic let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

Warm regards,

Why Yet

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