Words are magic. They can hurt. They can heal. They can manifest. They can destroy. Their power rests solely in our hands and what they produce depends on our will. My will, my power is for this site to give each visitor what they need. Whether that is acceptance as they are or a way to voice how they are feeling.

The purpose of Why Yet’s Words is to encourage, educate and empower those who need it in recognizing or discovering their love of self. My journey began as a simple task of expressing my emotions after childbirth and grew to wanting to encourage other women who feel as I do at various stages in life.

Out of this purpose my two collections of poetry were born, Entangled Hearts and my newest, Reflections: Past, Present, Future. Sit back, sip your favorite drink and enjoy the words that follow. Should my words resonate with you, feel free to leave a comment or an email with your thoughts.


Why Yet