To NaNo or Not to NaNo?

I am debating whether or not i have the stamina to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. I made the attempt in 2015 and had fun although I fell short of my goal. Various ideas haven’t stopped flowing through my mind though. Just being able to flush them out into a fully formed story line is a whole other story of it’s own.

Recently I started practicing yoga and working on clearing out my mental clutter so I can hear what my mind wishes to produce. Whispers have been seeping through… Subtle, sultry flashes of ideas here and there. This is a bit of one of those whispers…

Cheryl parked her car and looked at the sparkling lights emanating from the building. As she turned of the ignition she felt the buzz of her cell vibrating in her leather clutch. Opening the text message notification she read the simple message, “Room 315. Meet me in the shower.” A flutter rose in her chest and she smiled at the phone. Cheryl grabbed her clutch, slipping her phone inside and got out of the car. Walking into the brightly lit lobby, she eased past the desk and headed towards the elevators. Stepping inside, Cheryl pressed the 3 and stepped back as the doors closed.

Cheryl adjusted her breasts inside of her black, lace lined corset. Her 36 DD cups swelled just above the top of the corset and her black leather pants hugged her ass like a second skin. Cheryl smoothed her hands over her hips and checked her reflection in the console when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Following the signs on the wall, Cheryl proceeded down the hall to room 315 and pushed on the ajar door.

Setting her clutch on the couch and closing the door, Cheryl stepped out of her heels and unfastened the clasps on her corset, dropping it to the floor. Peeling the leather from her curvaceous ass, she began walking toward the shower. Steam filled the bathroom as Jason lathered his body with soap. Opening the shower door, Cheryl stepped inside and wrapped her arms around George’s solid frame letting her voluptuous breasts press into his back…


What do you think should happen next? How should this play out? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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