War. Why?

Every war in human history has always been about two things, power and control. One side strives to take it while the other side fights to hold on to it. The loss of life during these power plays are saddening because it takes away from the progress that could be made collectively.

This attack by Russia against the Ukraine has been a long time coming. I say this because of how the conflict was summed up in a post I’ve seen several times on social media. For those who survived abusive relationships, we see the parallels. The gaslighting, the lies, the denials of wrong doing. We feel what’s brewing but no one believes us…

Not only has the Ukraine been attacked, but her allies have been threatened as well. Control. Power. Abuse. Force. Trauma. All of this playing out in real time, on a grand scale. And when it’s all said and done, what will we have gained?

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