Slap Stick Comedy That Wasn’t Funny.

Everybody loves a good joke. Laughter is good medicine. But not at the expense of someone else (although America has a slew of comedians who built massive careers on it). We’ve all laughed at jokes targeting people (stop, before you get to lying and denying, ask yourself why do you watch sitcoms and/or reality tv?) But when you target someone’s disability or health condition with the intent to embarrass or humiliate, it’s no longer comedy, it’s malicious bullying and abuse.

So that’s where we found ourselves Sunday night during the Oscar’s live broadcast (I didn’t watch in real time because I was listening to The Wheel of Time Book 6: The Lord of Chaos – thanks audible!). Chris Rock, love him or hate him, tickles a lot of funny bones so the Oscar’s felt he’d be a great emcee for the show. Little did the producers know he had a surprise joke line-up for them, at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s expense.

For those who don’t know what the G.I. Jane reference is from, it was a movie from the early 1990s starring Demi Moore (a white actress) who played an army soldier. Demi had to shave her hair for the role. Here’s where the problems start. Demi Moore CHOSE to shave her hair for work. Jada did not. Jada chose to shave her hair due to a medical condition she has been struggling with for years. A condition that causes the same angst and anxiety felt by those affected by chemo therapy.

So, based on the LOUD and DISRESPECTFUL commentary that flooded the internet streets IMMEDIATELY after the slap heard round the world, people wanted to BLAME Jada for the outcome of Chris Rock’s tasteless joke. Would he have told a similar joke in regards to Angelina Jolie while she was ill? Or to Sinead O’Conner who recently lost her son? Black women sacrifice for the greater good daily but it’s supposed to be acceptable to disrespect, humiliate, and degrade us after all our usefulness has been milked dry?

During my little bit of years in life I glean lessons from all who are willing to share and one lesson I received from an older woman years ago was this: people may not remember what you said, but they ALWAYS remember how you made them feel. Chris Rock and Will Smith will have to live with how they made Jada feel, at that moment, for the rest of their lives. How do you make others feel? How do others make you feel?

On Why Yet’s Watch with Ted McCray

Good morning! Who likes to laugh? Who loves a great movie with relate-able characters? I do! I love laughter and I love good, solid, down to earth characters that I can root for be it on t.v or in a movie. And besides, a hearty laugh everyday helps keep you young. Can you dig it?

IMG_5483This week (tonight actually) on my show, On Why Yet’s Watch, I am interviewing an acting comedian, Ted McCray. You read that right, an acting comedian. He is an actor AND a comedian. I have seen one of his performances and the group he does comedy with is called Comic Energy here in Philadelphia. It’s a sketch comedy show, Philadelphia’s version of Saturday Night Live. They filmed an episode live a few weeks ago and I had the pleasure of attending. Some of my favorite skits included The Dr.’s, Foot and Nass, and The Ozzy Osbourne interviews Kanye West skit! You’ll have to wait until it airs in December to see what I’m talking about, I’ll keep you posted.

Now about Ted:

Comic Energy-Ted McCray
After taping of Comic Energy

Ted McCray, whose real name is Theodore Ingram, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Coming up, Ted always had a way of captivating the people around him with his humor and happy go lucky personality. He is the youngest out of ten children, all by the same mother and father who are now deceased. Ted fell in love with acting while attending college to become a teacher. The first play he starred in was “A Street Car Named Desire” in which he played the famous character Stanley Kowalski. After that he realized that acting was his calling. He left college and went on to pursue a professional career in acting. He has been in countless independent films and he recently starred in a web series call “Cases” which received a lot of praise.

Join me, Why Yet, as I find out where Ted draws his comedic and acting inspiration from On Why Yet’s Watch, where I bring you what’s going on. The show broadcasts live at 9 pm EST on on BRPP Radio Network. The call in number is 773-897-6297. If you are on facebook, instagram or twitter follow me to stay tuned:

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